Thursday, June 26, 2008

holy cow!


Us Magazine has recently put out an article about celebrities that have lost weight and resculpted their bodies without using unrealistic Hollywood diets. Shockingly, Venus Williams has has a completely physical makeover from hard tennis muscle to soft and sculpted curves.

After a wrist injury, this 27-year-old Wimbledon tennis champ bounced back one size smaller thanks to controlled portions and healthy snacks. "My [food] formula is carbohydrate, protein, something from the fruit and vegetable group," the 6-foot-1 athlete tells Us. To maintain her sleek physique, Williams spends three hours on the tennis court, does an hour of strength training and a half hour of either biking, running or Pilates - all while staying off the scale. "For an athlete, it's not necessarily good to be thinner," she says. "You have to be an ideal weight for you."

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