Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Youtube Tuesday

My choice for this week's best video on youtube.com! It's Santogold - Lights Out

xoxo, queenie

Monday, August 25, 2008

Chloe ads for Fall 08!

Check out these brand new fall ads for Chloe. It seems like these adds are taking on a Gossip Girl/Upper East side approach. I love the bold prints and bright colored accessories. I am especially in love with the black leather bowler bag that the girl on the top left is holding. The shape is daring and inspiring. A+!

xoxo, queenie

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vanessa Hudgens flashed the paps!

Here are some snaps of Vanessa Hudgens working on a photoshoot. Girlfriend flashed the prying cams of the paparazzi, but looked good doing it in her gorgeous purple and red block printed/striped dress. I absolutely am in love with colors being back in vogue. Fashion sort of went through this time period where everyone was into dull, vintage inspired colors, but Vanessa is hitting home with her bold patterned dress.

xoxo, queenie

Friday, August 22, 2008

best of flickr friday

My favorite flickr pictures this week!

Hammer pants..again!
hello again wardrobe remixers
xoxo, queenie

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Classic Red

Because the weather is changing, and fall is rapidly approaching, I decided to take a rather dramatic yet classic turn with my nail polish color. To achieve a similar look, try OPI's 'An Affair in Red Square' polish, shown above.

xoxo, queenie

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Keira Knightley IS glamour

Keira Knightley is always on the cutting edge of fashion. Here she is leaving a restaurant in London, and per usual, looks absolutely fabulous. Although the pants are a little extravagant for the normal lady to pull off, with her reputation she brings it through. I especially love her blouse and jewelry. Wrap shirts are very in right now, and the elegant jewelry only compliments the look.

xoxo, queenie

Kate Moss models it up

Kate Moss looks stunning here in the September issue of W Magazine. I love the colors of this photoshoot. They remind me of a peacock. I also love the dark elegance in each of the pictures. Classy and beautiful. Bravo!

xoxo, queenie

Model Gemma Ward Retiring

Porcelain beauty Gemma Ward, an Australian model, has recently been reported by Pedestrian Magazine to be nearing the end of her modeling career. They claim that she wants to retire so that she can pursue her dream in a Hollywood acting career. She has already starred in two movies: The Strangers and Black Balloon.

I don't know how I feel about this. She's a gorgeous girl, and I can't imagine not seeing any new imagery from her. She is the epitome of a perfect model. Looks like she's opening the way for a new It Girl on the modeling market.

xoxo, queenie

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Traci Bingham trainwreck

This is a fashion trainwreck. I feel like my eyeballs are going to roll out of my sockets, fall onto the floor, and blow up into glitter. What does this woman think she is doing? Seriously? When she stepped out of the house in this outfit, what was she thinking? I can't see anything that could possibly be conceived as proper red carpet attire in this picture (or maroon carpet, in her case). I guess the only thing that is going here is the ombre dress, but seriously, everything else.. wow. Just wow. Traci Bingham, you had such a pretty face, you had so much potential for being goodlooking. But you ruined it. With your overly huge breasts that make you look like some kind of pro-wrestler or something, the tons of plastic surgery on your face, and the terrible tan, you look classless and idiotic. Nice shoes by the way. *rolls eyes* /sarcasm.
xoxo, queenie

Shoes over Sex!

Sarah Jessica Parker was recently reported in an interview with NOW magazine that she thinks that her character in the hit movie and television series 'Sex and the City,' Carrie Bradshaw, would rather have shoes than men.
"She could probably count on a Manolo more than a man. So is it better than sex? Yes!" the 43 year old actress exclaims.
I'm with ya on that one, girl. ;-)

xoxo, queenie

Lindsay needs her fix

Lindsay Lohan has recently been reported to be so addicted to cigarettes that she has resorted to chewing tobacco and tobacco pills for getting her fix whenever she's inside bars and restaurants that do not allow smoking. Lindsay's personal favorite pill is Ariva, a pill formulated from real powdered tobacco. A crazy new world we live in that there are so many options to people.
xoxo, queenie

youtube tuesday!

No Twitter for Hitler
My pick for this week's best youtube video.

xoxo, queenie