Wednesday, June 25, 2008

god lovers


The Jonas Brothers wear purity rings as a symbol of their commitment to stay virgins until they marry. Their father Keven Senior, a minister, says that "The boys made a decision when they turned 12 years old to put those rings on their fingers. We didn't give them these rings as a pledge of perfection, but as a reminder of values. Our hope is that they'll always know that there's a good, right way to treat the opposite sex." LOL! This guy is definitely in cahoots with the Simpsons' dad... and on their way to church they butt-rape their kids and force them to dedicate their music to God!

xoxo, queenie

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Anonymous said...

First and foremost the Jonas Brothers are Christians who are musicians. Their parents have instilled in them a belief system based on faith in God and his true word, the Bible. They have been taught to observe the Bible's teachings and through it have built their character, principles, morals and values. Their purity rings and their pledge to wear them are between them and God only.
So go ahead and mock them. It was between them and God in the first place.