Sunday, July 13, 2008

lesson learned


Yesterday I tried on a pair of straight leg denim that just wasn't working for me. I'm about 5'5", 103 lbs, and I must say, I look GOOD in skinny jeans. Paired with some heels, I'm a regular runway model. But for some reason, this pair of jeans that was slighly loose, yet with a straight, skinny leg, did not flaunt my assets at all. My bum looked flat and boyish. My legs looked short. I discarded them quickly and moved onto some tight, form fitting flares. The immediate confidence boost had me rushing out of the store, tucking my overused credit card in its proper slot in my wallet, shopping bag flapping against my hip in new found denim glory. Now, although this story has nothing to do with the bane of the jean world's existence (besides denim shorts on men), the cigarette jean still plagues my mind. I found these pictures of Rihanna wearing a pair of Rock & Republic cigarette straight leg jeans, and for some reason, they work on her. Maybe because of her curvaceous figure. So the conclusion of this story is: CIGARETTE DENIM IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.

xoxo, queenie

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