Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rachel Bilson looks insane


Gorgeous Rachel Bilson looks weird here in this crazy outfit on the cover of Australian magazizne Shop Til You Drop. Lets start with the inch of fabric from her shirt peaking out from above the crazy corset belt. The little crest reminds of something out of a Harry Potter movie. Definitely not a good look. Next, lets take a stop at her corset belt straight out of the Middle Ages. It's a cross between a horse saddle, and Renaissance wardrobe malfunction gone awry. Ah well, atleast we can forgive her for the skirt, which I do think would look cute without the rest of her ensemble. I love the orange color, totally summery and fun, to bring us into August.

xoxo, queenie


Allure said...

Thanks for the e-mail. I'll add you to my blogroll asap.

karla said...

ooo that corset looks rather uncomfortable. LINKED YOUUUU

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Anonymous said...

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