Saturday, July 26, 2008

be a virgin again

PhotobucketThe world never ceases to amaze me in its pure grossness.

This product is called a Vaginal Contracting Lubricant. It is Similar to the age-old China Shrink cream.

These drops work to temporarily tighten the walls of the vagina. Apply a few drops to the desired area 15 minutes prior to any activity for desired results and moisturization. Ingredients: Deonized water, aloe vera extract, glycerin, potassium alum, xanthan gum, hydropoyl methylcellulose, polysorbate 20, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, hydrolyzed collagen, sodium benzoate, DL menthol, calcium chloride, propylparaben, citric acid.

As a note: Potassium Alum is added to foods as a sour flavor. It also appears in cartoons. The character eats some Alum and their mouth is shown to pucker up. Often seen on Tom & Jerry.

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